A multi-discipline production, design and content collective.

Native North was Founded by Creative Director,  Natalie Lauren Sims & Partners KB +







  • Natalie Lauren Sims, Founder CCO, Creative Direction + Production
  • Jon Jon Traxx, Native Partner +Production, Songwriting & Live Events
  • KB, Native Partner + Live Production Design
  • Peezy, Marketing & Branding
  • Kels, Videography &  Creative Direction
  • Swoope, Production & Songwriting
  • Joseph Solomon, Creative Writing & Scripting
  • Caresse Spencer, Content Editing, Script Writing
  • Mikaela Beando, Administration




Creative Direction
Creating + Cultivating Lasting Solutions & Brand Expression.
We provide raw vision, ideation, artistic discernment, thought & expert contributors for your artist, brand or event.

Bridging analysis and creative vision  we build  brands that connect with the world through identity, experiences and a variety of artistic expressions.

Who Are You ?
Why Do Your Brand Exist?
Who will connect with Your Brand & How?
Where will Your Brand Live?

Content Creation & Social Campaign
Together, with our cultural commentators we discover the market,  create the story, and execute on the vision providing sustainable visibility in a saturated industry. By disrupting conventional social methods with provoking thought and lasting substance Native provides unapologetic multi-media design and execution for our clients across several platforms.

Album Production &  Songwriting
With some of the industries leading experts in music production and songwriting on our team, we create a safe and experimental space that helps you to deliver authentic and competitive Music. With a collective of musicians, writers & relationships,  there’s nothing you can fathom that can’t be created!

Creative Writing, Scripts & Voice Overs

We create a cohesive and dynamic narrative that encompasses facts,
connects with audiences emotions while connecting your brands message with the world.  Our team of seasoned vocalist are ready to deliver a wide variety of voice overs taht inspire action and bring your brand  to life.

Live Events & Production Design

What will connect your event with the world in a new and engaging manner, that’s where we come in. We asses the audience, consider the impact and design engaging activations with a collaborative team of ideators and executionist to deliver  unforgettable experiences. With a long list of creative resources we source talent for conferences & live events.